Sunday, October 21, 2012

Subscription Box Review: Julep Maven

<p>This review is on the Julep Maven program.&nbsp; This is the first subscription box I subscribed to and I love it.  Julep is a nail polish and beauty product company in Seattle, Washington.  They introduced their subscription service last year and so far it's doing pretty good.  For $20 dollars a month you get $40 dollars worth of product.  That is 2 nail polishes and a beauty product or just 3 polishes if your profile is ItGirl.  Once on the website you can take a style quiz where you can find out what style profile you are.  Then Julep picks out a box for you based on that profile.  If you don't like the box chosen for you then you can pick a different box.  After you get the intro box you get the next month's box.  Each month on the 20th you get an E-mail previewing the next month's box.  Between the 20th through the 24th you can switch your style, send your box to a friend or skip a month.  You can choose to add on up to three products on to your box.  Every so often Julep has mystery boxes that you can purchase that have anywhere from $60-$200 worth of product in them.
This program is one of the best out there and I recommend it to anyone who wants to pamper themselves and feel great doing it.

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