Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: Julep Maven January 2013 Box and Add-On-Neons and Nudes

This is a review on my Julep Maven January 2013 box and Add-On that came in the mail today.  I didn't get a shipping notice but knew that it was probably shipped on the 27th and that it would come on the 31st.  It normally takes 3 days to get to me.  I met the mailman in the hallway of my apartment building and he handed me my packages-my box and my add-on.  I got my normal style box which is Boho Glam and added on the nude polish Amelia which I am wearing on my nails right now for New Years.  I opened my box and the usual cards were the first things I took out of the box.  Then I took out the extras that came in the box-a sheet of the new swatch me stickers.  I was going to get these as an add on but decided against it since I make my own out of clear address labels but some of the homemade labels were coming off the bottles so I put the swatch me stickers on them and they stick really well to the bottles.  I will save these in case my homemade labels don't stick on future bottles.  I noticed that with the polish that came in my box and the add on polish already had swatch me stickers on them-I thought that was a nice touch.  Another extra that came in the box were 3 twistbands for your hair.  I have short hair so these don't work on my hair unless I grow it out.  Nice touch though.  They came in the neon colors pink, green, and orange.  Now on to the polishes!  The first one I got is the neon Fiona, which is a lime green neon color.  I got this box because I hardly have any greens in my polish collection except Hoch which I got in my New Years mystery box and which I love by the way.  I'm going to paint my toe nails with Fiona as soon as my finger nails dry.  Next polish was the nude Teresa, which is a opaque pink pearl frost nude color.  I swatched this and it's a beautiful pink frost color which I'll wear in the next week or two.  Finally in my box was the new hand and cuticle stick which I'll try as soon as my nails dry.

My add-on this month was the nude Amelia, which is a light champagne frost nude color.  I have that on my nails now and it's such a pretty gold looking color.  It's perfect for New Years.  I'm starting to get into champagne and gold colors since I got Vivien in my December Julep box.

Well, that's my January 2013 Julep Maven box and add-on for the month.  Hope everyone has a great New Years, stay safe out there and have a great rest of your day!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Influenster Holiday Vox Box 2012

This post is on my Influenster Holiday Vox Box 2012 that came in the mail yesterday.  This is my second vox box shipment so far and I joined this past July so if you're new and still waiting to get picked for a vox box don't lose hope.  Now let's get into what is in my holiday vox box shall we?

First item I pulled out was the biggest item in the box and it was the @GoodyHair #Quikstyle hair brush.  I got the half round shaped one and the first thing I noticed about it were the big blue microfiber bristles that are supposed to remove the water in your hair by 30% so it dries faster.  I can't wait to try this brush out tomorrow after I wash my hair and will do a complete review on it then.

Second item I pulled out was the @Quaker #RealMedleys Oatmeal.  I got the Apple Walnut flavor.  I don't normally eat oatmeal but I'll try this for breakfast sometime this week.

Third item I pulled out was the @MontagneJeunesse #FaceMasque in Raspberry and Mango.  The package says it's a deep pore cleansing masque.  I have big pores and am prone to breakouts so this will help a lot.  I'll try it tonight before I go to bed.

Fourth item I pulled out was the @EBOOST #NaturalEnergy powder that you mix with water and drink to give you an energy boost.  I'm really not supposed to drink any energy drinks of any kind due to the fact that I'm on psychiatric medications but since it's natural I'll give it a try.

Fifth item I pulled out was the @nycnewyorkcolor #LiquidLipshine in the color Nude York City.  I've tried this out and I love it.  I'm smells good and feels great on my lips.  This color is totally nude and gives a hint of color on your lips.  I'm supposed to receive another #LiquidLipshine soon from Influenster for being the first 250 to get the @nycnewyorkcolor brand badge so I hope it's a different color but if it's another Nude York City I'll still take it.

The last item I pulled out was the @KissProducts #KissNailDress in the design Chemise.  It's a black with gold and silver jewels on it and some black ones with gold diamond jewels on them.  I tried them on already and I'm an instant fan of these.  I used the black with gold and silver jewels ones on all my fingers except the ring finger and the gold diamond jewel ones on my ring finger as an accent.  They stay on really good and are supposed to last 10 days.  It was hard for me to find the right size nail dress to fit my nails but I finally got them to work on my nails.  Will definitely buy these again.

That's everything in my box.  I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas and I'll talk to you all later.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Julep Maven December 2012 Box

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I'm late with my December 2012 Julep Maven Box review but I had a ton of homework to do before the end of the semester which was this past Wednesday.  Now I have a month off to do whatever I please before school starts again on January 14th of next year.  Anyways, back to the review.  I got my Julep December box the 30th of November and opened it right away.  I'm normally the Boho Glam style but I switched to It Girl because I fell in love with the colors in the December It Girl box.  So I opened the box and first pulled out the cabochon ring diy kit that I did do with one of the It Girl polishes(Vivien) but it looked so big on my finger that I threw it on the floor and the cleaning lady found it under my bed and threw it away.  That's okay, it was too big for me anyways but it did looked good after it was finished.

On to the nail polishes.  The first one is Vivien, a champagne bubbles full coverage multidimensional glitter.  She is so pretty looking on my hands.  I love the big chunks of glitter as well as the gold micro glitter base.  Then came along Ivy, a sapphire blue metallic with purple micro glitter.  I'm wearing Ivy on my nails right now for a Christmas Party I'm going to tomorrow and she is so beautiful on my hands.  I love the purple micro glitter.  It shines so bright and makes the nails stand out.  Finally I got Harper, an opalescent mermaid blue full coverage multidimensional glitter.  Harper does look great on my nails but did come off easily for no reason at all(maybe I didn't prep my nails before I put her on, maybe that's why).

The December Julep Maven box gets two thumbs up from me because I love glitters and micro glitters they're so pretty and sparkle and shine everywhere you go.  I just subscribed to the ipsy glam bag so my first review of the glam bag will be in the middle of January of next year.  Today's Julep Maven Preview Time and next month's box is Nudes and Neons themed.  I stayed with Boho Glam because I don't have a lime green neon in my collection as well as any nudes or even neons.  Talk to you guys later.


Last chance at a Julep Intro box for a penny with Code PENNY2012

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that it's the last chance to use the penny code PENNY2012 to get your Julep intro box for a penny.  If PENNY2012 doesn't work anymore try JULEPVIP.

Look at my past Julep posts for my referral link and manual code(if you want to use it).


Saturday, December 8, 2012

My First Julep Referral

A quick thank you goes out to Elise S. who used my referral link to setup her Julep account.  Thank you so much for using my referral link and I hope you like your intro box.

If you want to try Julep yourself or know someone who does you can use my referral link:   or you can type in this referral code at sign up: 3377066.  Use this promo code JULEPVIP at checkout to get your intro box for only a penny.  How cool is that?  I got my first box for only a penny by clicking on an ad for the Julep Maven program in Yahoo Mail.  I don't think they do that anymore it's just by using coupon codes.