Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: Julep Maven January 2013 Box and Add-On-Neons and Nudes

This is a review on my Julep Maven January 2013 box and Add-On that came in the mail today.  I didn't get a shipping notice but knew that it was probably shipped on the 27th and that it would come on the 31st.  It normally takes 3 days to get to me.  I met the mailman in the hallway of my apartment building and he handed me my packages-my box and my add-on.  I got my normal style box which is Boho Glam and added on the nude polish Amelia which I am wearing on my nails right now for New Years.  I opened my box and the usual cards were the first things I took out of the box.  Then I took out the extras that came in the box-a sheet of the new swatch me stickers.  I was going to get these as an add on but decided against it since I make my own out of clear address labels but some of the homemade labels were coming off the bottles so I put the swatch me stickers on them and they stick really well to the bottles.  I will save these in case my homemade labels don't stick on future bottles.  I noticed that with the polish that came in my box and the add on polish already had swatch me stickers on them-I thought that was a nice touch.  Another extra that came in the box were 3 twistbands for your hair.  I have short hair so these don't work on my hair unless I grow it out.  Nice touch though.  They came in the neon colors pink, green, and orange.  Now on to the polishes!  The first one I got is the neon Fiona, which is a lime green neon color.  I got this box because I hardly have any greens in my polish collection except Hoch which I got in my New Years mystery box and which I love by the way.  I'm going to paint my toe nails with Fiona as soon as my finger nails dry.  Next polish was the nude Teresa, which is a opaque pink pearl frost nude color.  I swatched this and it's a beautiful pink frost color which I'll wear in the next week or two.  Finally in my box was the new hand and cuticle stick which I'll try as soon as my nails dry.

My add-on this month was the nude Amelia, which is a light champagne frost nude color.  I have that on my nails now and it's such a pretty gold looking color.  It's perfect for New Years.  I'm starting to get into champagne and gold colors since I got Vivien in my December Julep box.

Well, that's my January 2013 Julep Maven box and add-on for the month.  Hope everyone has a great New Years, stay safe out there and have a great rest of your day!


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