Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: Julep Maven December 2012 Box

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I'm late with my December 2012 Julep Maven Box review but I had a ton of homework to do before the end of the semester which was this past Wednesday.  Now I have a month off to do whatever I please before school starts again on January 14th of next year.  Anyways, back to the review.  I got my Julep December box the 30th of November and opened it right away.  I'm normally the Boho Glam style but I switched to It Girl because I fell in love with the colors in the December It Girl box.  So I opened the box and first pulled out the cabochon ring diy kit that I did do with one of the It Girl polishes(Vivien) but it looked so big on my finger that I threw it on the floor and the cleaning lady found it under my bed and threw it away.  That's okay, it was too big for me anyways but it did looked good after it was finished.

On to the nail polishes.  The first one is Vivien, a champagne bubbles full coverage multidimensional glitter.  She is so pretty looking on my hands.  I love the big chunks of glitter as well as the gold micro glitter base.  Then came along Ivy, a sapphire blue metallic with purple micro glitter.  I'm wearing Ivy on my nails right now for a Christmas Party I'm going to tomorrow and she is so beautiful on my hands.  I love the purple micro glitter.  It shines so bright and makes the nails stand out.  Finally I got Harper, an opalescent mermaid blue full coverage multidimensional glitter.  Harper does look great on my nails but did come off easily for no reason at all(maybe I didn't prep my nails before I put her on, maybe that's why).

The December Julep Maven box gets two thumbs up from me because I love glitters and micro glitters they're so pretty and sparkle and shine everywhere you go.  I just subscribed to the ipsy glam bag so my first review of the glam bag will be in the middle of January of next year.  Today's Julep Maven Preview Time and next month's box is Nudes and Neons themed.  I stayed with Boho Glam because I don't have a lime green neon in my collection as well as any nudes or even neons.  Talk to you guys later.


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