Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soda Battle Review: Pepsi vs. Coke

This review is what I call a soda battle between Pepsi and Coke. First I'll review Pepsi.  Pepsi's taste is nice and sweet and you know I like sweet.  It's smooth and clean and goes down just right.  Pepsi's taste is a lot sweeter than Coke's.  Now on to Coke.  Coke's taste is a lot more sharper than Pepsi's and more darker tasting.  It goes down smooth but sticks to your taste buds longer.  Pepsi and Coke are similar in price and Pepsi's can is blue and Coke's is red.  I prefer blue myself.

So who wins?  Pepsi does.  It's the taste I grew up with and prefer.  I'll still drink Coke like if it's the only choice in restaurants and other places or if it's cheaper at a certain place but I still and always will prefer Pepsi over Coke.

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