Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm back and which blogs I'm posting my reviews in

Hi Everyone,
I'm back from a long hiatus that happened due to school and life in general.  I'm on summer break and will be taking up blogging again.  I will continue blogging as much as I can into the next school year if my classes will allow but I'm taking four classes this upcoming fall semester so I should be able to keep blogging up.

Now, on to a few things.  For Elise who won my first and last giveaway I will be mailing your hand brightener out to you on Wednesday.  I would've mailed it sooner but finances were tight and school was kicking my butt, plus my sleep schedule was screwed up.  So please forgive me and I hope you will continue reading my blogs.

On to blogs.  I think I have nine blogs last time I checked so, to make reviews in different categories easier to find I will list my blogs and the types of reviews I will be doing in those blogs.  So here they are: General product reviews not related to beauty or pet care can be found here.  My SeasonsBox reviews will be in here as well as my Influenster/BzzAgent/Swaggable product reviews regardless if they're beauty related or not. All my beauty product reviews will be here except for Influenster/BzzAgent/Swaggable beauty product reviews.  My Julep and Starlooks Starbox reviews will be here and anything related to Julep and Starlooks will be here as well. All my pet supplies and treats reviews will go here. All my techie gadget reviews will go here. All my gaming reviews will be here. All my dessert, candy and sweet tooth item reviews will be in this blog.

Well, those are my blogs that I'll be focusing on more.  Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more from me.


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